Jan 11 – MML Lib  5:30 – 6:30, Multimedia Lab Lib 1404 7pm – 9:30pm

TOPIC: Syllabus, Intro to Digital Performer.

ASSIGN: Ch. 6 Digital Audio technology, Ch 3 Studio acoustics and design. Start week 5 project.

Jan 18 – COM 110 (Communications Building over there between the CRC and SEMII)

TOPIC: API 1608 Signal Flow. COM building 110, 111A

ASSIGN: sign up for signal tracing.

Jan 25 – COM 110

TOPIC:  API 1608 Signal Flow,  piano and vocal recording, headphone mixes w DP.

ASSIGN: Signal tracing, protests.

Feb 01 – MML 5:30 – 7:30

TOPIC:  Mixing in Digital Performer w Jamie Blake.

Feb  08 – No Class

TOPIC: Production Week

ASSIGN: Week 10 project

Feb 15 –5.1 Mix L1328

TOPIC: Projects Due! In class critique.

ASSIGN: Start 10th week production.

Feb 22 –  5.1 Room Lib 1328

TOPIC: Stereo recording techniques and re-amping.

ASSIGN: Continue Multi-tracking recording projects.

Mar 01  – 5.1 L1328

TOPIC:  iZotope mastering software! Mixing approaches. Mixing, mastering, limiters with Ben Hargett

ASSIGN: Finish Multi-tracking recording projects.

March 08 – 5pm sharp! Computer Center 2619

WordPress portfolios! in class mixing so bring your projects and Jamie and I will help you mix!

March 15- 

DUE: Projects Due. Playback and critique.