Students are to record a multi-tracking project using TESC studos and Digital Performer. Microphones must be checked out from Media Loan and all tracks must be recorded in the studio. Proper scheduling is required and audio studio policies must be followed.

Mixing will be done in Digital Performer and can be done in any lab.

The final mix should include automation of track volume levels and at least one effect that changes values at some point.  For example changing the delay time or feedback of a delay using automation.

The final mix must also include at least one track that has been re-amped using studio gear or can be done in the field using different acoustical environments and field recording gear.
Here’s a great article:

The final output of the mix must be bounced into a stereo .wav or .aiff  file and must be brought to class for playback. Please back up your work on the server for there will be no excuses for lost or forgotten projects.

Students must present their work to class, contribute to class critique of all projects, and show production photos for evaluation purposes in order to receive full credit.